Maverick Jets


Maverick Jets  – “World’s First Personal Jets!”


Welcome to the world of Maverick Jets!  Maverick’s LeaderJET was the world’s first personal jet introduced to the world in the late 1990’s.

Today Maverick Jets is accomplishing another first in aviation history.  Maverick Jets is producing the world’s first personal Blended Wing Body (BWB) jet – MaverickONE!

MaverickONE jet is a whole new world of millennial jet travel.  It is going to change the way the whole world travels and a whole new life style of where people will be able to live.

This website is laid out like a mini book.  You need to start at the beginning and read it in chronological order to understand the full big picture of the Maverick Jet world.

Buckle up… you’re about to take off into the future!

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