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Order now your own personal MaverickONE Jet! Fly it yourself or learn about having your own personal “Chauffeur Jet-pilot”. Either way, your life will change with your own MaverickONE!

$50 million dollar jets do not have all the performance specifications or exotic interior of MaverickONE. But MaverickONE is presently selling for only $3 million dollars. This price is subject to change without notice. Order now to secure your price and earliest possible delivery date!

To lock in your price and earliest delivery date it is only a $10,000 Deposit, which is held in escrow until the first payment is due, simultaneous with the start-build of your own MaverickONE.

Maverick Jets also has three associated companies for MaverickONE buyers:

  1. Maverick International Financing: Providing financing for credit worthy MaverickONE buyers.
  2. Maverick Chauffer Jet-pilots: Connecting MaverickONE buyers with qualified MaverickONE “Chauffer Jet-pilots” in your area.
  3. Maverick Buyer Partners: Connecting MaverickONE buyers who desire to have one or more other buying partners of a MaverickONE in your area.

To order now your own FAA certified MaverickONE Jet or to find out more, fill out the Request Form below:

*If you’re interested in a Maverick Jets Distributorship, DO NOT fill out this Request Form but rather go to the “Distributorships” Page and fill out the Distributorship Form.

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