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Lorenzo Amaya

Chief Executive Office Lorenzo Amaya

Lorenzo Amaya, a Boston native, has business leadership experience in several industries. He has been the Director of Operations in Nutraceuticals and the Director of Sales & Leasing in High Luxury Transportation. He is now the President of Amaya Financial Group, a personal and business Theft Prevention Company, and the CEO of Maverick Jets.

Since 2001, Lorenzo has specialized in credit and mortgage banking and has continued to expand his company into a variety of financial centers. In October 2004, he relocated his mortgage banking business to Dallas, Texas, where he primarily advises and consults within the National Football League.

Lorenzo's strengths lie in his ability to establish and maintain long-term business relationships to merge and execute positive returns.

He is most passionate about being the CEO of Maverick Jets, an innovative personal jet company. Maverick Jets was the first jet company to design, fly, and sell personal Very Light Jets (VLJ). Maverick Jets is at the forefront of the jet industry, working with the most cutting edge technology and aerospace engineering in the world. Lorenzo is excited to play this significant role in the jet industry, and is elated about Maverick's new 2nd generation SmartJET, in which he refers to as, "The Porsche of the Sky!"

In the late 1990's, Maverick Jets showcased its cutting edge design and manufacturing with the LeaderJET, the world's first personal VLJ. Maverick Jets is again making aviation history with the SmartJET.

Maverick's SmartJET will not only transform the future of air travel, but will also open a new world of private transportation. Maverick Jets is projected to be the Smart transportation of the future.

In his varied business pursuits, Lorenzo is propelled by the motto that "our business in life is no longer getting ahead of others, but getting ahead of ourselves -- to break our own record, to outstrip our yesterday by today."

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