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Past Events

43rd Annual Reno Air Race & Show - Reno NV

13 - 17 September 2006

The 43rd Annual Reno Air Race & Show was a huge success this year. VLJ and Personal Jets are the buzz word on the strip these days and Maverick Jets wasn't letting the crowds down with the SmartJet and SoloJet pulling in the show attendees.

Reno Air Race 2006

AirVenture 2006 - Oshkosh WI

July 24th to 30th 2006

Maverick Jets was out showing off the company colors at this years (2006) EAA AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in. Not only was Maverick profiling its new Very Light Jets (VLJ) or Personal Jets, the SmartJet and the SoloJet but also making an appearance was one of Maverick's customer's original LEADER ONE, the world's first Personal Jets. And, Maverick Jets latest Personal jets are more than ever the hottest jets in the skies!

Oshkosh 2006

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