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Introducing the world's fastest personal jet: The Solo Jet!

SoloJetMaverick Jets has many firsts to its credit but one "FIRST" that Maverick is most proud of is producing the world's fastest personal jet. The Pratt & Whitney JT-15-5, at 3190 lb of thrust fires the sleek single engine Solo Jet through the skies at 472 kts. That's why some call it the Rocket. The Solo Jet also climbs faster than any other personal jet at almost 8000 ft/ min.

If you are in a hurry you won't get there faster in any other personal jet in the world. Yet there is no sacrifice for room and comfort. With its roomy cabin 5 adults will be very comfortable with all forward seating or club seating, their choice. It is truly the Top Gun executives' jet.

Here it is. Maverick Jets Solo Jet... Truly the 2nd Generation of Personal Jets.

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Performance Specifications

Sea Level:
Maximum Speed 350 kts
Rate of Climb 7,950 ft/min
Take Off Distance 1575 ft - no flaps
Take Off Distance 1138 ft - 10 degrees flap
Landing Distance 1837 ft
31,000 Feet:
Maximum Speed Mach .82
Range 1200 nm
Advanced EPIS System  
Auto Pilot  
Airframe Specifications:
Engine (1) 3190 lb. st.
Gross Weight 6150 lb
Empty Weight 3600 lb
Useful Load 2550 lb
Limit Load (n1) 4.3 g's
Limit Load (n2) -1.75 g's
Gross Weight Stall 71 kts
Design Dive Speed 450 kts
Seating Capacity 5 Seats
Baggage Capacity 200 lb
Fuel Capacity 300 + gal (us)
Aircraft Length 33.4 ft
Cabin Length 9 ft
Max Cockpit Width 54 in
Overall Cockpit Height 10 ft 4 in
Wing Span 36 ft
Wing Area 160 sq. ft
Wing Aspect Ratio 8.1
Ballistic Recovery System (Optional) Full airplane parachute