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Here it is! Introducing the - SmartJET!

SmartJet For the truly smart person there is no other jet in the world like the SmartJet! Why is the SmartJet the world's first of its kind? It is unlike any other jet in the world or even unlike any other so-called personal jet in the world. Why?
Because the SmartJet is:

Some are now comparing the SmartJet to a car? They say it is:

  • Safer than driving a car
  • As easy as driving a car
  • As comfortable as a car
  • As fuel efficient as a car
  • A whole lot more fun than a car
  • Gets you there about 7 times faster than a car

Wouldn't you really rather be flying a SmartJet?

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Performance Specifications

Sea Level:
Maximum Speed (knots) 250
Rate of Max Climb 2800 ft/min
Take Off Distance over 50 ft obstacle with 10 degrees of flap 1320 feet
Landing Distance with full flaps 1447 feet
Single Engine Max 180 kts
Single Engine ROC 1150 ft/min
22,000 Feet:
Maximum Cruise 290 kts
Normal Cruise 277 kts
Range 1250 nm
Fuel Burn 36 gph
Airframe Specifications:
Service Ceiling 25,000 ft
Gross Weight 4160 lb
Empty Weight 2150 lb
Useful Load 2010 lb
Limit Load (n1) 3.8 g's
Limit Load (n2) -1.76 g's
Gross Weight Stall 67 kts
Design Dive Speed 300 kts
Seating Capacity 5 seats
Baggage Capacity 100 lb
Fuel Capacity 210.5 gal(US)
Fuselage Length 24.75 ft
Overall Length 27.88 ft
Cabin Length 6.67 ft
Max Cockpit Width 54 in
Max Cockpit Height 48 in
Wing Span 33.8 ft
Wing Area 134.75 sq.ft.
Wing Aspect Ratio 8.48
Engine sound 55 dBA