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The SeaJet

SeaJet Imagine having the ability to safely and quickly land the family at the door step of the lake front property for the weekend. The roomy SeaJet has the speed to deliver you and your guests to your destination faster than any previous piston powered seaplane. Add to the equation the cost effectiveness of Maverick's SeaJet, those weekend getaways, last minute business trips and ferrying clients in your air taxi around the islands become much more viable and profitable.

You end up having "runways" where you never thought possible.

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The SeaJet

Performance Specifications

Sea Level:
Maximum Speed (knots) 265
Rate of Climb 4500 ft/min
Take Off Distance 2221 ft - no flaps
Take Off Distance 1928 ft - 10 degrees of flap
Landing Distance 1256 feet
Single Engine Max 185 kts
Single Engine ROC 1450 ft/min
31,000 Feet:
Maximum Speed Mach .6
Range 1450 nm
Advanced EPIS System
Auto Pilot
Airframe Specifications:
Engine (2) 1500 lb. st. each
Gross Weight 6000 lb
Empty Weight 3550 lb
Useful Load 2450 lb
Limit Load (n1) 4.4 g's
Limit Load (n2) -1.76 g's
Gross Weight Stall 66 kts
Design Dive Speed 410 kts
Seating Capacity 5 Seats
Baggage Capacity 200 lb
Fuel Capacity 300+ gal (us)
Aircraft Length 31.6 ft
Cabin Length 8 ft
Max Cockpit Width 54in
Max Cockpit Height 55in
Wing Span 36 ft
Wing Area 160 sq. ft
Wing Aspect Ratio 8.1