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Maverick Jets Made Aviation History!

Maverick Jets built, flew, and sold the world’s first very light weight personal jets – the LeaderJETS.  They were called “LeaderJETS” because they were the first to lead the aviation world in very light weight personal jets.

Bob-Hoover1Legendary pilot,  Bob Hoover, WWII Ace pilot, shot down in war over Europe and escaped, United States Air Force test pilot and most famous air show stunt pilot, made a special cross county trip to our Maverick Jets headquarters in Florida to study and fly the Maverick LeaderJET. Hoover spent three days studying and flying the LeaderJET. Hoover put the Maverick’s LeaderJET through test flights that most test pilots would never considered doing. After three days Hoover walked out of the Maverick hanger and into the Maverick Presidents office and said: “Young man, you don’t realize what you have here. This is a fantastic jet. The world needs to know about Maverick Jets!”

And the world did begin to discover Maverick Jets and see its amazing first in world aviation. In the late 1990’s Maverick Jets began selling its LeaderJETS to world customers. The LeaderJET Jim Mwas very light weight, all carbon fiber, under 5,000 pounds, flew with a single pilot and four passengers. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Maverick’s LeaderJET was featured in many aircraft magazines, international media, television documentaries featured repeatedly on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Wealth Channel and major news and media outlets around the world.

The creative boutique Maverick team felt very humbled and really amazed to receive such international acclaim.  But Maverick Jets had now made aviation history.  The Wright Brothers may have built the first plane but the Maverick team built the first very light weight personal jet.  And then to have the world’s aviation legendary, Bob Hoover, endorse and praise Maverick Jets president McCotter and his team, McCotter said, “Hoover’s praise is the frosting on the cake.”  Hoover went on live camera with company President McCotter, praising Maverick Jets for its breakthrough in the Personal Jet world.

Left to right:
Eugene Cernan (last man to walk on the moon), Bob Hoover (legendary pilot), Jim McCotter (first to build & sell Personal Jets)


Various Maverick Jet designs:

leader-jet military-jet
LeaderJET (World’s first personal jet)   Military Jet

sea-jet solo-jet
Sea Jet                                                         Solo Jet

Hear what world aviation legendary Bob Hoover says about Maverick Jets:

After years of experience Maverick Jets retired its LeaderJET to quietly work on a revolutionary new Personal Jet unlike the world has ever seen. Maverick Jets combined all of its experience with the most advanced military and space age technology to now create a whole new world for air travel in the Personal Jet world. The world’s first Blended Wing Body (BWB) Personal Jet – now go see MaverickONE – the future has come!

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