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Purchase & Contact Information

Maverick Jets is taking deposits for positions on its five currents jets:

  • Custom SmartJET (Limited number early pre-production models)
  • The custom SoloJET
  • The custom civilian version of the Maverick Military SoloJET - MM Solo Jet

As is clarified in all our purchase agreements, the custom jets may not be used for hire/commercial use, only personal use. The certified jet may be used for personal, and if desired for hire/commercial purposes.

To secure your position on any one of Maverick's new "2nd Generation Personal Jets please fill out the form below.

Maverick Jets MM Solo Jet is designed for government/military application and as such is not the same as the civilian version. Therefore, Maverick Jets must be contacted directly by or for government/military specific application and pricing.

If you would like to purchase a position now on any one of the above Maverick Jets new "2nd Generation Personal Jets", please click.

If you have an interest in an Exclusive Maverick Distributorship, please click.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please use the form below.

*The above prices are subject to change.

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