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NBAA & Maverick Jets

Filed under: General — Evie McCotter @ 17, November, 2006

nbaa_blog_pic02.jpgMaverick Jets went to NBAA in Orlando Florida this year for a three day extravaganza displaying its 2nd generation personal jets, the SmartJet, being the least expensive to purchase and operate of any personal jet in the world, and the SoloJet being the fastest personal jet in the world.

The slogan for NBAA was: “A years worth of business in three days” and that is what Maverick Jets experienced being both successful with personal sales as well as a host of new potential Distributors being interviewed to continue to expand Maverick unique national/international Distributorship network across the United States and around the world.

Maverick got a lot of buzz at the show. Not only could customers see how Maverick’s 2nd generation personal jet are truly that, a 2nd generation and a decade ahead in the personal jet world, but they enjoyed viewing Maverick’s movie of it’s past, present and future. Maverick Jets was flying and selling personal jets in the 90’ before most people even heard of Personal Jets or Very Light Jets. Maverick was the first and is now spreading the lead with its 2nd generation Personal Jets.

Maverick had a great time at the show and it is always a lot of fun to see the faces of people that discover Maverick Jets for the first time. Invariable they tell us, “… nobody in the world has a jet like Maverick!” We love this business!

Let us know if you want to fly smart and purchase one or more of your own personal SmartJets!

NBAA Convention

Filed under: Events — Andrew Ripamonti @ 15, October, 2006

This week sees the Maverick Team in Orlando Florida for the NBAA, the 59th Annual Meeting and Convention. If you’ve got the chance pop down and speak to our CEO, Jim McCotter and see our quarter sized model of the first “2nd Generation Personal Jet”. Our VLJs, the SoloJet and SmartJet will both be on profile and the team can help you answer any questions about our new birds.

Hope to see you there!

RSS? Some may be asking, what are they talking about now?

Filed under: General — Andrew Ripamonti @ 9, October, 2006

We know the Maverick Jets team can be hard to keep up with, our engineers are feverently developing new improvements and aircraft concepts and the road crew are regularly somewhere new, educating the public on Mavericks’ 2nd Generation Personal Jets.

So what’s the best way to stay in touch with Mavericks’ speed? Of course you can always keep coming back to MaverickJets.com but there’s now also another way to keep up.

Introducing RSS.
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, basically it’s a way to disseminate information in a fast, efficient and easy method. For example, our site has an RSS feed, it might be indicated in your browsers address bar or you can see it in the top right column. You can bookmark the link attached to the words “RSS” in your news reader, then every time the Maverick Team writes a blog posting, your news reader will automatically retrieve the article for you to read. That way you won’t miss the latest in Maverick Jets and VLJ Personal Jets

Where can I get a News Reader?

News Readers come in many different fashions. Some web browsers have RSS feed management built in, for example Mozilla Firefox has a “Live Bookmarks” option. Alternatively you can install a dedicated program to store your bookmarks, BottomFeeder is a good multi-platform application. The other option is to use an online service like the one from BlogLines or Google, here you can store and share your bookmarks with friends and family.

There are many types of RSS news feeds and even more News Readers, finding a reader that suits the way you want to get your news might take some browsing. More options or information is avaible google though the google search engine.

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