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Two New Strategic Partners of Maverick Jets

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Advanced Composite Solutions, LLC (“ACS”), www.advancedcompositesolution.com is the latest new strategic partner with Maverick Jets, with its primary headquarters at the New Smyrna Beach, Florida, airport. ACS is an engineering company specializing in composite materials technology with major applications to the development and construction of light aircraft and other high performance composite designs. ACS was founded over a decade ago by entrepreneurial and aircraft engineering professionals with vast accumulated experience in the international aeronautic industry. Advanced Compostie Solutions facilityBesides engineering services now in a variety of venues, some of the main current activity of ACS is the production of the MySky MS-1 a two seat light sport aircraft, the development and integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and now with one of its most exciting projects ever, the world’s first “2nd Generation Personal Jets” — the Maverick SmartJET!

In addition to ACS, Maverick Jets has also recently brought on as a Strategic partner a Dominican Republican composite company, Tiger Composites, LTD. It is an advanced composite company that serves in a very cost effective way for building high end composite parts. ASC FacilityIt was brought on to help meet the unprecedented demand for Maverick’s SmartJETS as well as to help guarantee that Maverick Jets continues to have the highest quality yet lowest purchase price of any personal jet in the world. Maverick’s SmartJET, being the least expensive personal jet on the market to purchase and the least expensive to operate, is preparing to deliver and service orders at an unprecedented rate. “Even with Maverick Jets growing into a major national/international company it still has the spirit of a small personal company simply wanting to be the best… Let us know if you have any questions regarding Maverick’s SmartJET. Maverick Jets built, flew and sold the world’s first personal jets in the world in the late 90’s, the Maverick LEADER Jet.  Today Maverick Jets is determined to again make another world first in the personal jet world – to build, fly and sell the world’s first certified, 2nd generation personal jet – the Maverick SmartJET!

Maverick Jets . . .  “World’s First Personal Jets”

High Resolution Picture Gallery

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We’ve added a number of high-resolution pictures to our website. You can view them at http://www.maverickjets.com/media/

Maverick Feature in “Pilot & Plane” Magazine

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euro spreadThis month one of Europe’s major aviation magazine, Pilot & Plane, is featuring Maverick’s 2nd generation personal jets. “It is especially honoring that they are featuring our American Maverick SmartJET.

If you know Dutch you will see they are explaining how and why Maverick Jets are now the hottest jets on the market, and how and why Europeans are especially going for Maverick’s SmartJET.

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