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maverickone the future has come
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  • Welcome to the world of  Maverick Jets ~ "World’s first personal jets!"
  • Maverick’s LeaderJET was the world first personal jet that began to be sold to the world in the late 1990’s.
  • Today, Maverick Jets is accomplishing another first in the jet world.  Maverick Jets is now producing the world’s first personal Blended Wing Body jet ~ MaverickONE!
  • As you are about to see, the MaverickONE jet is a whole new millennium of jet travel and going to change the whole world of personal jet travel --- "MaverickONE… where the future has come!"
  • This website is not like most websites. It is not long a long website but it needs to all be read and all read in chronological order to truly understand the amazing evolution of this revolutionary jet company Maverick Jets, and its world of personal jet firsts… Maverick’s LeaderJET, and now a whole new jet world ~ “MaverickONE… where the future has come!” 
  • Buckle up... you’re about to take off and behold the future!

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